Self driving cars run by AI could become commonplace not too far in the future. Image courtesy of

Artificial Intelligence Raises Privacy Concerns

Thomas Daniels, Sports Editor April 30, 2021

Imagine a world 30 years from now. Cars that self-drive instead of fly and drivers’ ed reduced to learning how to turn the car on. Factories will be fully automated and replaced by artificial intelligence....

Tom Cruise Plays Golf, Performs Magic Tricks and Tells a Joke

Tom Cruise Plays Golf, Performs Magic Tricks and Tells a Joke

Husnain Choudhry, Tech Columnist March 27, 2021

In a series of TikTok videos, the Mission Impossible actor Tom Cruise does a series of activities, like playing golf and performing a magic trick. To anyone who doesn’t use TikTok or hasn’t seen...

Cartoon by Ariana Tackett.

How the Internet Influences Opinions

Thomas Daniels, Sports Editor February 28, 2021

Echo chambers fill the halls of the internet. Information is coming in at Mach speed in all directions, which creates a disorienting news cycle never seen before. Reactions to the news cycle come just...

Photo Courtesy of Razer.

The Coolest Tech To Look Forward To in 2021

Husnain Choudhry, Tech Columnist January 31, 2021

Every year, tech companies showcase their latest and greatest ideas, prototypes and products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It shows where the tech industry is heading, and as a student,...

Handy Virtual Tools to Optimize Your Workspace

Handy Virtual Tools to Optimize Your Workspace

Husnain Choudhry, Tech Columnist December 20, 2020

From keeping bookmarks to compiling meet links, many students and teachers have found convenient ways to help stay organized or get work done faster. However, there is always room for improvement, and...

An example of a Verizon router. (Photo by Tamara Nguyen)

Internet Woes: Who is to blame?

Husnain Choudhry, Tech Columnist October 21, 2020

If you were in the school building, and your friend said he can’t connect with people in his math class, you’d (probably) would tell him/her to get a life. Cut to today, and you’d hope that the teacher...

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