Fans and Players Sports Superstitions

Fans and Players Sports Superstitions

Rebecca Heimbrock , Staff Writer March 27, 2021

Superstitions are in every culture. Look no further than Christians throwing salt over their shoulders to ward off the devil, Turkish charms to ward off the evil eye, and even Germans refusing to toast...

With everyone masked, gymnastics can go on as planned. (Photo courtesy of Coach Shelby Landay.)

Woodson Gymnastics Team Aims to Outshine COVID-19

Naomi Scully-Bristol, Opinion Editor March 1, 2021

In shimmering leotards, matching hairstyles and, new this year, masks, the Woodson Gymnastics Team is ready to start their meet.  “When we get to the meet, all of the teams there do an open stretch,...

Maintaining a Scholarship Requires Dedication

Maintaining a Scholarship Requires Dedication

Vivian Jung, Staff Writer February 28, 2021

A scholarship is one of the best achievements a high school student can make that not only looks great on their resume but also has numerous benefits to their immediate future. Whether that scholarship...

Runners, draped with masks and focused on the race at hand, stay determined to reach their goals. Photo courtesy of Coach Garrett Kroner.

‘Dedicated, Ambitious and Cheerful’ Woodson Runners Outpace the Pandemic

Karina Gonzalez, Feature Editor February 1, 2021

The sounds of whistles blowing and distinct chatter from teens heighten as one draws closer to the Pat Cunningham Stadium. The air is cool and the porta-potty still provides an overwhelming stench.  Something,...

Tom Brady (Buccaneers) vs. Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs). Who will come out on top? Image by Peter Mahler.

The Super Bowl Nobody Thought Could Happen: A Debriefing of the 2021 NFL Playoffs

Peter Mahler, Sports Editor February 1, 2021

Before last September, the idea that a full NFL season could take place without a COVID-19 bubble seemed impossible. The playoffs were largely an afterthought. Despite all of the virus-induced postponements...

Athletes Jump Into New Sports Season

Athletes Jump Into New Sports Season

Reagan Dempster and Rohil Bhinge December 19, 2020

After FCPS student-athletes’ long break from school sports and their preparation for the next season, they are ready for tryouts, permitting the Virginia High School League (VHSL) grants them permission. The...

Athletes, Fans Shift Focus Towards Promising Winter Sports Season Despite Hardships of COVID-19

Athletes, Fans Shift Focus Towards Promising Winter Sports Season Despite Hardships of COVID-19

Vy Nguyen, Staff Writer November 29, 2020

Victory. It was simply in their blood. They were going to make Woodson beam with pride. Everyone would have seen them nationally dominate with their athletic prowess, but then, the doctor called. Hopefully,...

Struggling Sports Teams Never Cease to Disappoint

Jackson Steiner, Staff Writer November 28, 2020

It was a cold night in early February 2017. The nation was in perfect unison as what seems like every television in the country was tuned to the same channel, for it was Super Bowl LI between the Falcons...

Professional Athletes Remain Vocal In Their Silent Protests

Peter Mahler, Sports Editor October 26, 2020

Prior to the NFL’s opening kickoff, thousands of Kansas City Chiefs fans in Arrowhead Stadium booed and jeered as their defending Super Bowl champions marched onto the green of their team’s turf, arms...

How Does COVID-19 Affect Student-Athletes?

How Does COVID-19 Affect Student-Athletes?

Cavan Griffin, Staff Writer October 26, 2020

Ever since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, schools have taken precautionary measures to make sure students stay safe. With the current state of the coronavirus, sports are beginning to open...

Cullina smiles as she commits to

Athletes Battle COVID-19 In Pursuit of College Recruitment

Vivian Jung, Staff Writer October 16, 2020

Each year, student-athletes show off their skills competing with other students and fight for the spots on college sports teams. However, this year, a sudden pandemic has left the world of high school...

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