Looking Back on Classic Christmas Movies

Looking Back on Classic Christmas Movies

Mera Seifu and Annabella Agosto December 20, 2020

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer      Although many classic Christmas movies can be connected to popular Christmas songs, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer will forever be one of the most iconic. The...

Poster for Reunited at Christmas, the movie Penelope Waterbury watched. Photo courtesy of the Hallmark Channel.

Are Hallmark Christmas Movies Good or Bad?

Reid Rizk and Penelope Waterbury December 20, 2020

Hallmark Christmas movies are a hallmark of the holiday season. These cheesy Christmas movies are usually romantic comedies and follow similar plots to each other. Opinions about these movies are much...

Holiday Puzzle

Holiday Puzzle

Leila Ali, Photographer December 19, 2020

Can you beat the fastest time? *1:12*  

Winter Crossword

Leila Ali, Photographer December 19, 2020

DISCLAIMER: This game works best on a laptop. Test your knowledge!

77 Woodson Students Opinions on Renaming Columbus Day Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Columbus Day Needs to be Changed to Indigenous People’s Day

Naomi Scully-Bristol, Opinion Editor '21 October 23, 2020

Rape. Looting. Genocide. That is what Christopher Columbus did to Native Americans. That is what Columbus Day represents because, no matter how much people argue, that is what Christopher Columbus represented....

Cartoon by Ariana Tackett

Trick-or-Treating Should be Put on Hold

Penelope Waterbury, Cav Culture Editor October 23, 2020

Although Covid-19 cases have been on a recent decline in Virginia, the virus has not disappeared completely. In fact, according to NBC, the weekly average of new Covid-19 cases in Virginia is higher...

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