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FCPS Implements ‘Equitable Access to Literacy’ Plan

Thomas Daniels, Editor in Chief November 30, 2021

It is no secret that COVID-19 has derailed the past school year, especially in reading and writing. Over the ‘20-’21 school year, a University of Virginia study found that students from grades one...

FCPS Schools To Be Renamed

FCPS Schools To Be Renamed

Kara Lynch, News Editor June 11, 2021

Virginia is a state with plenty of history. From Jamestown to Washington D.C., many stories can be told about civil rights and wars and the early history of the United States. Though during the beginning...

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#PlayFairNow: The Alleged Racism on the Football Field

Kara Lynch, Staff Writer April 30, 2021

The Wakefield Football Team of Arlington County is reacting to what they claim was racism from referees, players, and parents of Marshall High School of FCPS on Friday, March 5. Many players took to...

Old FCPS Schoolhouses Still Stand

Old FCPS Schoolhouses Still Stand

Rohil Bhinge, Staff Writer February 1, 2021

     To many of us, FCPS appears to be a robust school system that runs like clockwork. Well, most of the time. Jokes aside, It is hard to imagine that the twelfth-largest school system in the United...

Cartoon by Ariana Tackett

Are the Limitations on School Days Helpful?

Vy Nguyen and Jackson Steiner December 20, 2020

Jackson Steiner and Vy Nguyen discuss their opinions on snow days, asynchronous Mondays and more.

Hacker Group MAZE Attacks FCPS

Hacker Group MAZE Attacks FCPS

Tamara Nguyen, Editor in Chief October 26, 2020

While students are staying home and wearing masks to avoid contracting the coronavirus, FCPS has been infected with another type of virus. On Friday, September 11, a ransomware group called Maze hacked...

Cartoon by Ariana Tackett

Glitches in the BBCU Matrix

Jack Rose, Staff Writer October 26, 2020

Let's be honest, Woodson isn’t the best at virtual school. Sitting in a class full of students who refuse to unmute themselves and a teacher that could be doing something else can lead to you...

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