About Us

The Cavalcade, W.T. Woodson High School’s student publication, is published monthly and is free to students, families and staff. During these uncertain times, we strive to continue providing you with news about the Woodson community. From controversial editorials to light-hearted movie reviews, the Cavalcade aims to serve students and staff by covering issues on a school, local and global scale.

Editorial Policy

  • Everything published in the Cavalcade is original and truthful information.
  • The Cavalcade reports accurate information without bias to race, religion or social creed. 
  • Views expressed in the Opinion section are personal opinions and do not necessarily represent the views of the entire staff.
  • While the Woodson administration reserves the right to prior review, the Cavalcade is independently published, and the staff takes full responsibility for its contents.
  • All images published are original or used with permission.
  • The Cavalcade will neither publish nor tolerate comments that include hate speech.

Publishing Policy

  • All stories are thoroughly reviewed by our section editors, the copy editor and the advisor.
  • The Cavalcade does not publish gratuitous profanity. Section editors determine propriety of content, and may redact quotations accordingly.
  • The Editorial Board will consider requests for source anonymity on a case-by-case basis.
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