Woodson Students Favorite Rewatchable Shows

Woodson Students’ Favorite Rewatchable Shows

Reagan Dempster, Editor in Chief November 30, 2021

After a long day at school, full of work and friends it is no surprise that when many students get home they enjoy putting their feet up under a blanket and relaxing to their favorite TV show with...

Giving Thanks for Woodsons Favorite Thanksgiving dishes

Giving Thanks for Woodson’s Favorite Thanksgiving dishes

Jada Bromberg, Staff Writer November 30, 2021

The smell of food fills the air. Hours of cooking for one evening’s Thanksgiving meal has to be worth it. On average, one 12-14 pound unstuffed turkey takes three hours to cook. The entree is only the...

Observations on the Homelessness of Washington, D.C.

Observations on the Homelessness of Washington, D.C.

Jack Rose, Cav-Culture Editor November 30, 2021

Canvas and polyester line the outskirts of a hotel. Someone's worldly possessions lay strewn over the sidewalk. A battalion of sleeping soldiers lie at the feet of their commander and his horse. A...

Shining Light on Woodsons ASL Program

Shining Light on Woodson’s ASL Program

Zayna Shahin, Staff Writer November 30, 2021

 Many Woodson students are encouraged to take a language to complete their language credit. American Sign Language is just as important and interactive and useful in daily life as any other spoken...

Reviewing Halloween Candy: A Glorious Burden

Jack Rose, Cav-Culture Editor October 28, 2021

Around Halloween, candy isles spill over into the different aisles of your local store, forcing you to ponder if you’ve purchased enough candy. Some people might be inclined to purchase their favorite...

Reducing the carnage of film with a new Venom

Reducing the carnage of film with a new Venom

Emelia Crump, Staff Writer October 28, 2021

Be advised: this review contains references to both Venom and Venom: Let There Be Carnage (Rated PG-13) When hearing that deep, rumbling voice coming out of Eddie Brock, most Marvel fans picture Venom:...

Students and Staff Share Bright Moments at Woodson

Cosette Jo, Staff Writer October 28, 2021

One of the best parts about the Woodson community is the memories made. Whether in the classroom, during a club or at the beloved Hoco events, Cavs have been able to make and witness special moments...

Plugging back into Woodson with Clubs

Plugging back into Woodson with Clubs

Emelia Crump, Staff Writer September 30, 2021

Getting into the groove of Woodson can be challenging after a whole school year without genuine social interactions with teachers, classmates and coaches. Where do students pick up where they left off?...

A Spotlight on Fair City

A Spotlight on Fair City

Kara Lynch, News Editor September 30, 2021

Fair City Mall is Woodson High School's favorite neighbor. The shopping center has a large variety of shops and restaurants to offer therefore, a good number of Woodson students can be seen there before...

Leadership: A behind the scenes look

Leadership: A behind the scenes look

Zayna Shahin, Feature Editor September 23, 2021

A normal leadership class could look like students conversing with each other, some students on their computers, some talking to the teacher, and some even making poster boards. Leadership is a class in...

Farewell Seniors: A step into the ‘Real World’

Jessica Lin, Staff Writer June 11, 2021

Woodson gives its best wishes to our seniors as they get a step closer to their dreams.  Whether they travel to a different state, country, or stay with their roots, after this year they are leaving public...

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