Meet The New WTW Class Council Members

Jackson Steiner, Staff Writer

Junior Co-Chair Arush Kumar. Photo courtesy of Kumar.

The new class councils have been selected for Woodson. Students voted for candidates via Google Forms, and the results were announced Sept. 17.

The senior class council officers are Rohil Bhinge (Chair), Margaret Courtney, Dylan Do, Lena Hasan, Kiera O’Connor, Diane Vu and Grace Yoon. The members for 2022 are Arush Kumar (Co-Chair), Eunice Yoon (Co-Chair), Jada Bromberg, Jenna Do, Elia Kim, Kaylin Perks and Daniel Welch. As for the underclassmen council members, the sophomores are represented by Max Hite (Chair), Samik Bhinge, Owen Friedman, Gio Park, Caitlin Tran and Nuhamin Haile. The freshman class council is composed of Evi Nguyen (Chair), Anahat Goraya, Sophia Huh, Alexandria Jones, Cameron Marks and Rushil Punukollu. 

Sophomore council member Samik Bhinge. Photo courtesy of Bhinge.

Class councils conduct monthly meetings in order to formulate future activities and events for the year. Freshman and sophomore councils are responsible for homecoming, fundraising and attending PTSO meetings. In addition to the lower classmen’s responsibilities, juniors cover graduation ushers and prom set-up. The class of 2021 council handles senior activities, Woodson’s Got Talent, prom, graduation gifts and graduation speakers.

Whether the class councils are discussing ideas at meetings or executing a plan with fellow members, collaboration and cooperation skills are vital qualities of a good class council representative. “I feel like I am a very outgoing person, so it is easy for me to talk to a variety of people,” said Co-Chairperson for the Class of 2022 Council Arush Kumar when asked what he offers as Chair.

Freshman Chair Evi Nguyen. Photo courtesy of Evi Nguyen.

The class council does not only benefit the student body, but it also is a way for the council members themselves to further improve as students and people. Kumar has aspirations regarding improving himself: “As a student, I definitely think it will work on my time management skills due to the time commitment. As a person, I believe I will become a better speaker and I will be able to get my ideas across more fluently.”

Due to recent events surrounding COVID-19, these representatives have new responsibilities. The class council will represent students’ voices in making potential changes to the online learning environment. “We aim to make it so that all students and faculty are excited to enter an online environment,” says Kumar. “Such things like turning on cameras and to be more outgoing. We understand that students can be a bit more timid, but one camera can make a difference.” The comfortability in a virtual learning environment will determine the outcome of events such as prom and Woodson’s Got Talent, which could possibly require online adaptations.