Cartoon by Ariana Tackett

Glitches in the BBCU Matrix

These virtual learning fails will make students go pale.

Let’s be honest, Woodson isn’t the best at virtual school.

Cartoon by Cavalcade Staff

Sitting in a class full of students who refuse to unmute themselves and a teacher that could be doing something else can lead to you wanting to do anything but school. This can lead to students staring at phones, walking away from computers or wanting to make their class slightly more interesting. Talking to peers, I found that Woodson students have been making their classes (intentionally or not) a lot more enjoyable. Here are a few examples.

  • A student in math class fell asleep while his camera was on.
  • A student accidentally responded to a FaceTime while unmuted and had some fun things to say.
  • A teacher has class at the same time her son has band class, in which he plays the tuba.
  • A student was streaming Minecraft in a breakout room, and the teacher joined.
  • A student labeled himself the former dictator of Cuba on an introductory PowerPoint.
  • A student told the entire class he was in pain, agony, and Missouri.
  • A student in French walked away from his active camera in a T-shirt and underwear only.
  • A student pulled out an enormous knife on camera and started making a salad with it.


The next two examples occurred at Frost Middle School.
  • A student turned on her camera, revealing her brother stuffing a cat into a box.
  • A teacher was teaching, and his cat rubbed against the camera so hard that it knocked down the camera.


As entertaining as those experiences were, we still have a full year ahead of us to spice up. Here is a list of things you can do to make your class more interesting. 

  1. Turn on your camera. We all know you have one.  Computers have had built-in cameras since 1998. Stop lying.
  2. Talk to your teacher. Trust me on this, they’re tired of staring at a bunch of gray silhouettes. Unmute your mic. Ask them about their day. What did they have for breakfast? Why did they choose to be a teacher?
  3. Put something interesting in your background. Whether it be moving your computer outside, bringing your pet into the room, or sticking your cardboard cutout of Captain America behind you.
  4. Add some diversity to your day. Throw a silly hat on. Wear your shirt inside out. Stick your cardboard cutout of Captain America behind you.
  5. Wear something people aren’t expecting. Throw on a unicorn onesie. Show off your prettiest tutu and tiara. Show some Woodson pride and wear a full Woodson outfit. Though we may not be together, we are still one Woodson. Let’s get through this together.

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