Students Show Off New Pets From Quarantine

Cavalcade Staff

With all the extra time on their hands and the lack of things to fill it with, it’s understandable that students feel lonely. What better way to fill a lonely heart than with a non-human addition to the family? Woodson students showcase their new furry—and even scaly—pets adopted over the course of this lockdown and describe the fun times had with their cute new companions!

Cailean Gordon || Senior

“My family adopted a Lhasa Apso puppy this summer. Her name is Maisie, and she is 15 weeks old. We decided to adopt a Lhasa Apso because, since many members of my family have allergies, Lhasa Apsos are hypoallergenic and we can have a dog without reacting. Since my dad works from home now due to COVID, we had the time to finally adopt one. One of the things I love doing is walking Maisie; even though she’s only 7 pounds, she loves to run. The most memorable moment for me was when we finally picked her up from her breeder; the first time I held her was really special.”

Photo Courtesy of Cailean Gordon.


Isabelle Cang || Senior

“We adopted a tank of fourteen fish, which are not named individually but are collectively called ‘The Poke Bowl.’ My uncle was giving away this tank so I took it and got fish. I like to garden with my fish. My favorite moment was watching them fight over a rock.”




Photo Courtesy of Isabelle Cang.


Aidan Phalan || Junior

“I got a mini schnauzer. Her name’s Olive and she’s 7 months old. We got her because my mom and brother wanted a dog. Olive and I like napping together, but my favorite moment was meeting her for the first time.”

Photo Courtesy of Aidan Phalan.


Katie Anderson || Senior

“We got a sheepadoodle puppy named Daisy and she’s about 2 months old now. My family had thought about getting one for a while, but we finally decided to do it when our neighbors got one. She loves to play tug-of-war with me. My favorite moment was when she climbed onto our kitchen table when we left her alone for like two seconds.”



Photo Courtesy of Katie Anderson.


Landon Aune || Senior

“We got Lola, an 8-month-old black lab, because we wanted to get our other dog a friend. She is a big fan of hugs and is really good at giving them. One of my favorite moments was when I went on a very fun hike with her at Hungry Mother State Park.”


Photo Courtesy of Landon Aune.


Jenny Sun || Senior

“We adopted two birds named Blueberry and Mango. I don’t know their exact age but they are babies still. My brother wanted one for a while so he decided to get Mango, a lovebird, and then Blueberry, a budgie. Blueberry has already learned to step up on my hand so I like to feed him millet while he’s on my finger. Mango likes to fly around outside the cage. My favorite moment is probably when Blueberry first stepped up onto my finger.”


Photo Courtesy of Jenny Sun.


Meredith Ivey || Senior

“We have a four month old golden retriever puppy named Bowie. We got him because my other dog died unexpectedly in March at the beginning of COVID and we missed having a dog. We like eating and doing AP Gov together; my favorite moment was when he finally warmed up to us, and just watching him grow in general.”



Photo Courtesy of Meredith Ivey.