Film Club To Debut Where’s Frank May 17

Kara Lynch, News Editor

The Woodson Film Club is debuting their first movie, Where’s Frank. On May 17, Where’s Frank will be showing at the Cinema Arts Theater located in Fair City Mall, across the street from Woodson. The movie will be followed by a Q&A panel and shorter films. Admission is free for everyone. 

Ansh Pathapadu, co-director and writer for Where’s Frank, says that being a part of the Woodson Film Club crew, “means the world” to him. 

“We finally have a chance to show our hard work and I can make my dreams a reality,” Pathapadu said in an email interview. The film has been in production since February of this year. The hardest part about production is scheduling, “we try to get through this by communication through text and scheduling dates a week before.”

Pathapadu also said, “the best part [of filming] is seeing the story slowly form in front of the screen.” Where’s Frank will show at 7p.m. at the Cinema Arts Theaters on May 17.