Clubs Looking For New Officers

Mackenzie Pham, Staff Writer

It is that time of year where different clubs are seeking new officers for the 2022-2023 school year. Club officers begin by posting on social media, advertising their club and the leadership positions they offer. These include, but are not limited to, president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and social media manager. Students scramble to apply, possibly hoping that earning the title of a position will help their college application stand out. However, if the sole reason for becoming an officer is to “look good” on college applications, students will not be able to dedicate themselves to the responsibilities needed to maintain a successful club. 

Regardless of the position one holds, every officer is essential to the club. The role of the president is to be a leader, and to help ensure the execution of the club’s plans runs smoothly. 

The president usually communicates with the club’s sponsor to coordinate meetings and outside-of-school activities, including fundraisers and community service projects. 

The vice president assists in these tasks, as well as filling in for the president when he or she is absent. 

Next, the secretary uses their communication skills to plan meetings and resolve any legislative work, such as creating interest or membership forms, writing meeting reminder emails, and communicating with other clubs. 

The responsibility of the treasurer is to manage the finances, including membership fees, fundraisings, and budgeting money to spend on club materials. Lastly, the social media manager deals with everything technology related, designing and posting visually appealing reminders for meetings, big events, and advertisements for the club. 

Current Woodson students share what it means to them to be an officer. 

“Being a KSA (Korean Student Association) officer means being an ambassador of Korean culture for Woodson,” said Junior Hannah Lee. “It has become my role to share the joys and beauties that come with Korean culture at our school. It makes it worthwhile to be an officer when I see members show up and enjoy themselves at meetings.”


“Being an officer of Doctors of Tomorrow means being able to be a part of a community that explores the different aspects of the medical field,” said Junior Tramina Phan. “In addition, it gives me a reason to dive deeper into topics that I would not typically look into. The officer position allows me to help organize fun events that showcase both my passions and the other club members’ passions about the medical field.”


“As an officer of Doctors of Tomorrow, it is really important for me to stay responsible and on task, ” said Junior Gio Park. “One skill I think is especially important is to ensure that every officer has a fair role in planning and executing the projects. Additionally, it is important for me to develop communication skills between other officers and adults such as my sponsor. 


“I think the strongest club officers are students who keep their commitments, are organized, are passionate about their club, are not overextended by participating in too many clubs, and can work well with a team and with adults,” said Spanish Teacher Sra. Marcos.