Students Share Their Techniques For Waking Up

Cosette Jo, Staff Writer

 Senior Kyla Cang doesn’t need any caffeine in the morning. Once her alarm sounds, she spends a few minutes on her phone, then gets ready for the day and heads off to school. “I wouldn’t say [I’m] alert, but…I’m up,” she says.

For the rest of us, it’s not quite so easy.

“I’m always up late,” remarks sophomore Faris Hammami, a sentiment that’s likely seconded by many Cavs. He goes through a pretty regular morning schedule but has trouble getting out of bed first.

Waking up for school is a pain. Though not as absurd as middle school, Woodson’s 8:10 starting time still seems too early. That being said, the arduous process can be made easier with a proper strategy. From hot chocolate to Blackpink, here are some of the ways students get up in the morning.

Junior Isabella Anderson builds in a time buffer — a wise move for those who tend to fall back asleep after their alarm sounds. “I set my alarm every night [from] 5:30 to 5:50, but I usually hit the snooze button so many times that I wake up at 6:30,” she says.

She also relies on caffeine, drinking coffee with her breakfast. Even before that, however, she made a habit of sipping a different beverage. “I used to have hot chocolate every morning for a few years,” explains Anderson. “But I got a bit sick of chocolate…so now I drink coffee.”

Senior Ashim Wurie also makes coffee each morning to drink with his breakfast. The way he stays on track with his morning schedule, however, is a bit different. “I have a lot of alarms, each one for when to leave the house, or to wake up and when to get dressed, stuff like that,” explains Wurie. The rest of his routine is pretty standard — getting up, showering, getting dressed, having breakfast, and packing. “And then I…get ready to go to school.”

Sophomore Hannah Lee uses Alarmy, an app that allows users to set alarms and turn them off through fun ways of their choice, such as taking a selfie or shaking their phone. “I turn on 10 different alarms all up to max volume because I can’t hear, I’m kind of deaf,” she jokes. She describes frantically shaking her phone in the morning to turn it off with her eyes still closed. “I can’t wake up in the morning, especially Mondays,” she explains.

There is an alternative for those who don’t wish to set an alarm. “Sometimes, sometimes, I don’t use the restroom the night before,” says Lee, laughing, “So that me wanting to go to the restroom wakes me up” — an effective method that doesn’t require a loud noise.

For some, however, loud is the way to go. Freshman Suki Ng sets her alarm to play “Kill This Love,” a song by the popular South Korean girl group, Blackpink. The booming intro gives her the shock she needs to get up. “It’s like an explosion,” she explains. “I usually turn it all the way up in the morning.”

A contingency plan is also wise. “In case I don’t wake up and I fall back asleep,” says Ng, “I have like five other alarms afterward that scare the crap out of me when I’m brushing my teeth. I’m always turning them off.”