Senioritis Medical Report

Cavan Griffin , Staff Writer

Students are required to do four years of high school to get their advanced or regular diploma. Though time may feel different to different people, seniors are feeling the weight of high school on their shoulders. 

Claudia Braesch, all photos taken by author

After taking the maximum number of AP classes, many students begin to feel tired of the same tests, worksheets, and quizzes they need to take every month. Students tend to power through a lot of their years in school, and can do it for only so long. All the stress of studying and constant worksheets turns into senioritis. A disease that promotes procrastination in most, if not all classes for seniors. Seniors will shrug off all assignments that they would have stressed over in junior year, as if it were an optional assignment.

Once senioritis begins to take effect, the entire grade becomes too lax for its own good. Which leads to teachers getting used to missing work, sleeping in class, and other irresponsible behaviors. 


Missing assignments is one of senioritis’ most troublesome qualities, Claudia Braesch said “I’ve About 15 assignments this quarter.” Once the first semester ended many seniors simply stopped caring. A few assignments can spiral into a whole array of assignments missed due to burnout.  

Lauren Matalauage

Studying is a major part of school, if not the most important part. Once you get into the college you want, doing well in school isn’t much of a priority anymore. Lauren Matalauage said “End of the first quarter is the last time I really cared about school.” Studying can be a big time and energy commitment, and being able to take tests and not worry about grades is something most seniors embrace happily.


Luke Eister

Homework is something that anyone can just shrug off. Whether intentionally not looking at schoology, or throwing away a worksheet. With senioritis people usually do homework late, Luke Eister said “I put it off to the last minute, that’s how I roll.” Once students do homework almost nonstop for three years, it can really make some people feel as though it’s not worth their time, which is how many seniors feel this year after the year online.