How Woodson Students Are Managing the Gas Price Increase

Jada Bromberg, Staff Writer

Graphic by Zainab Rentia.

Gas prices have recently skyrocketed, making a substantial impact on Woodson student drivers. Northern Virginia has the highest average in the state at $4.33 per gallon according to AAA. Juniors and seniors who drive to school each morning are frustrated, wondering how they will continue to afford their daily transportation. 

Many students, like senior Jack Jaworski, have extracurricular activities or jobs to attend to outside of the school day. Jaworski has a 2004

BMW 3 Series which uses regular gas. “Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays I drive to work. I usually also end up hanging out with my buddies and driving somewhere with them. When I’m between empty and a quarter of a tank I usually refill then,” said Jaworski.

Jaworski typically drives between four and six days per week. “I love driving, it is my favorite thing to do which is why [with] these gas prices I’m like, ‘oh, damn that sucks’,” said Jaworski. 

“Sometimes I can really floor it or have fast accelerations because I love driving fast…so I have to change how I drive which makes me a bit of a safer driver, I guess.”

Photo courtesy of Jack Jaworski.

The average prices within Fairfax County vary. Jaworski lives in Annandale which has a slightly lower average cost at $4.29 per gallon in comparison to the Fairfax City area which is at $4.60 per gallon. “Instead of getting stressed over it and running yourself in circles, you just kind of have to accept it and learn how to live with it. Gas prices are going up, I could freak out about it or be like, ok, how do I change to make this better?” said Jaworski. 

After Jaworski is paid by his job he fills up his tank. “I usually fill it when it passes the one-quarter mark, so between $45 and $55 dollars usually,” said Jaworski. 

Senior Josephine Heyman-Schrum also drives on a regular basis. “I drive to and from school, myself and one other person to and from work. Then I drive myself and two others to and from vocal [rehearsal]. I also drive to and from Chantilly for my academy class Teachers for Tomorrow,” said Schrum. 

Although the recent increase in gas prices may be distressing for many, students are recognizing that they must continue on with their daily lives. 

Schrum explained that she buys gas approximately every other week, and pays for it herself. “I try to go to Costco when getting gas because it is slightly cheaper but other than that I haven’t really changed my routine,” said Schrum.