What’s In My Bag? Woodson Students Reveal the Interesting Things they Bring to School

Adia Elcock, Staff Writer

When packing a bag for school, most students go for the basics: notebooks, binders, a pencil case, and maybe a lunch box. For others, “the basics” include things most people would consider “odd” or out of place for school. Here are some of the things Woodson students keep in their bags that could be considered unusual. 


Glasses Cleaner

A glasses cleaner sounds simple enough. A cloth in a glasses case, maybe even the end of a shirt. Junior Ross Davidson’s glasses cleaner is a little different. According to Davidson “The glasses cleaner is carbon activated, and what it does is get rid of all the oils and powders or whatever that can get on your glasses,” without smearing or scratching the lenses. So while it may look a little odd, it serves an important purpose. 


Toe Warmers

Images courtesy of Pixabay

Yep, toe warmers. Junior Liam Ferguson claims he keeps toe warmers in his bag “in case anyone has trouble with their car and it’s cold outside,” or “is having any trouble in the cold at all.” While Northern Virginia does not have a particularly volatile climate, if there is any risk of hypothermia, find Liam Ferguson. He will be prepared.



SATA Cable

Raise your hand if you bring a desktop to school. Hopefully no one raised their hand. However, not bringing a desktop computer to school does not stop Senior Edward Cho from bringing a SATA cable to school everyday. SATA cables connect outside storage devices to a computer’s motherboard, to both transfer and recover data from the computer. “I don’t know why it’s in there,” says Cho, but he believes the cable was placed in the bag when he was traveling back to the US from Korea.


Footlong Sub

How does one bring a footlong sub to school? Senior Aveek Sur knows how. Or rather, he knew before his teachers stopped him from bringing the iconic sandwich to class. Sur would bring subs to school every day because according to him he “loved them so much he couldn’t miss it.” Before school, Sur would either make a sub or buy one from Giant, then eat the sub throughout the day. Unfortunately, his teachers do not love subs as much as he does, and they asked him to stop bringing the subs to school.


Laptops, glasses cleaners, planners, toe warmers, SATA cables, and calculators can all be considered “essentials” for school. Even a footlong sub can be an important part of the school day. While some of us may find certain items to be unnecessary, as long as everyone is able to get through the day, no one should be judged for what they bring to school. Well, maybe they can be judged a little.