Reels for the Feels: All About Film Club’s Production

Jada Bromberg, Staff Writer

Woodson’s Film Club has in the works their debut production. Pilot Co-Presidents Rowan Rosenblum and Ansh Pathapadu, are working diligently behind the scenes to make the film happen.

“Our mission is to rather than watch films actually make them, and utilize not only our creativity but our members’ creativity,” said Rosenblum. The short film is intended to have a duration of 30-40 minutes, and include people from a wide range of groups throughout the school. 

“Anybody can help out with this and they can choose whatever department they want to whether it be acting, editing, marketing, sound or some other department,” said Rosenblum. Club meetings are held weekly on Thursdays in room D-211. 

The leaders are currently in the screenwriting step of a complex process. “People pitch ideas to us, and then [Rowan and I] would write a screenplay based on these raw ideas,” said Pathapadu. 

Students can submit ideas to the club for the pitch contest they are currently holding. Content in the film will reflect the ideas they receive from the student body. “The whole film club will be participating in doing [the] film production,” said Pathapadu. 

In order for the film to reflect the whole student body, involvement from different activities is important. “We have department heads in our club and they will try to contact their respective departments…to see if they can contribute,” Rosenblum said.

The short film is proposed to be shown at the Cinema Arts Theatres in Fair City Mall on a Friday or Saturday night, sometime towards the end of the year. “We’re going to promote the film and it’s going to be free admission…if anybody and everybody can come, we’re going to try and get as many people to watch as possible,” said Rosenblum. 

The presidents also hope to reach out to film festivals in addition to the Cinema Arts showing. “Local ones and pretty big ones…and saying hey, we made this as a school, and seeing if they can accept us,” said Rosenblum. 

Using the Vegas Pro 18 professional video editing software, student editors will tie the whole package together. Pathapadu emphasized, “We do strive to make it have heart and make it have a message that people could take home.”