Specialized Schools: The Future of High School Curricula

Cavan Griffin, Staff Writer

Schools have changed dramatically since 1944, and with the introduction of new technology such as computers, schools can be taught more efficiently than ever before. Though it still has not fundamentally changed for a while. The school system still focuses on the same core aspects of learning. Since the rise of technology, schools are due for change, change that can help benefit society as a whole. Many students believe that if the curriculum had been different then they could excel at school, but when students aren’t given the type of education that they think works for them.

Woodson standard diploma graduation requirements. Source: FCPS

School isn’t very interesting for most students, especially ones who require a more hands-on approach to their education. Despite some schools offering various shop classes, those aren’t usually enough to truly satisfy a student’s desire for creating or being able to pick up a skill that society can benefit from. Some have tried to advocate for a change in the school system so it can become similar to the German school system.

The German schools have shown that different types of schools for students can be successful. It allows for students to pick what type of education they would like to pursue, with four different types of schools available. The schools include Gymnasium, Gesamtschule, Realschule, and Hauptschule.

Gymnasiums are high end schools, such as prep schools that offer high quality education. These schools are state funded, but there can also be private Gymnasiums. Later on, students in Gymnasium can take college level courses to help them out in the working world.

Gesamtschule, or a comprehensive school combines topics from both Hauptschule and Realschule to bring a higher quality education to students. Gesamtschule also adds a little more content to the Gesamtschule curriculum, as it was meant to replace both Realschule and Hauptschule originally.

 Realschule is the closest high school that Germany has. As they teach a well rounded curriculum. Students will later get an extended education, in which they will be allowed to choose between various topics such as a forgein language or technology. The student will also get a choice in an art or music around 8th grade.

Hauptschule is another similar type of education to what Americans have, as they learn basic subjects, but at a slower pace compared to the other schools. This is a school offered to students with average to low grades to make sure that they still get an education and get something out of their school time.

As future generations may want to alter the school system to better fit a more technologically advanced society, these German schools may end up being an example for what the American school system needs in the future. Though making such a fundamental choice at such a young age may be a bad idea, the change itself may ultimately help out young kids struggling with American school.