Dessert On Broadway Takes the Stage

Jada Bromberg, Staff Writer

Photo Courtesy of Madeline Kennedy

For the first time ever, Woodson Chorus performers took to the big stage in the Joan C. Bedinger Auditorium where

 they performed their annual Dessert on Broadway (DOB) production. After DOB shows went virtual in 2021, this year’s goal was to make the best out of having live performances, while also accommodating Covid-19 regulations. 

“I am excited to use the auditorium because there isn’t really a bad seat in the house,” said Amy Moir, Woodson Chorus teacher and director. “It is also a great chance for students to explore performing on a larger stage.”

Photo Courtesy of Madeline Kennedy

For many years after Woodson was renovated, the production always took place in Cavalier Hall. “Before the school was renovated, it always occurred in the cafeteria…when the school was renovated, the columns in the cafeteria were made wider, blocking most views of a stage. So, they moved the performance to Cavalier Hall,” said Mrs. Moir. DOB performances took place on the last weekend in January. 


Photo Courtesy of Madeline Kennedy

Despite the big change to the auditorium this year, the show continues to be a huge success. “I am most proud of the students for their grit through the adversity and working together to make the most out of this situation. We have all had to be really flexible and accommodating,” said Mrs. Moir. “Assuming everyone has the best intentions, makes it that much easier to work together…so our audience has a memorable performance experience.”