The best video games of 2022

Lecya Santiago, Op-Ed Editor

While snow days continue to grant late nights and cold mornings, the need for entertainment grows as parents try to occupy their children and teenagers try to ignore their siblings. Video games can draw your eyes to a screen for five hours, so staying updated is a big deal. For the year 2022, these top four anticipated video games will leave you marking down days on your calendar.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Elden Ring

Release Date: February 25

The game initially premiered at E3 in 2019, but fans have been waiting patiently for this action-adventure made in collaboration with George R. R. Martin with incredible visuals and a rich storyline that engrosses you in the world of the Lands Between. Winning the “Most Anticipated Game” award, Elden Ring is a top pick for many for it’s hyped open world and new stealth mechanics.


Gran Turismo 7

Release Date: March 4 

One of the most recognizable racing games, Sony brings Gran Turismo to the Playstation 5. Having had an extensive series, Sony is excited to revitalize a known favorite among fans (especially for racing games) and have a new yet familiar game that adds to their portfolio. Gran Turismo’s franchise as a whole is considered one of the best-selling game franchises after selling over 85 million copies after 25 years.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Release Date: March 25

One of the most beloved characters is finally getting a worthy game; Kirby and The Forgotten Land is a 3D adventure game set in an overgrown city made by Nintendo. This game is also a Switch exclusive, further adding to its hype. You won’t be able to play it anywhere else though fans are mainly excited for an 3D Kirby game released in recent years that actually features the beloved character. 


Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Release Date: March 25 

Borderlands spinoff and inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, Tiny Tina is a unique character who many are excited to see as a Dungeon Master and lead the way for an epic quest to fight against the Dragon Lord. With famous actors also appearing in the game, such as Andy Samberg, this charming game has many people taking a deep look to see how it will perform in comparison to its original series; Borderlands having shipped more than 45 million copies.