Omicron Variant Brings New Threats Amid Calls to End Mask Mandate

Cavan Griffin, Staff Writer

Graphic by Zainab Rentia.

It’s been 2 years since the COVID-19 lockdown began, and people have been trying to stop the spread for a while now. After spending a year inside, people have slowly started going back to the way their lives were before the quarantine.

Recently a new variation of COVID-19 has emerged, the OMICRON variant. This new variant hasn’t completely decimated our lives like the first wave has, but it is still very dangerous to those who haven’t been vaccinated. As long as people keep their distance and wear masks, they should be relatively safe from this new variant, provided they have been vaccinated.

Masks have been controversial ever since the public has been pushed to wear them at the start of 2020. Though, only thirty-nine percent of Americans wish to get rid of masks entirely. Even if they may feel a bit itchy from time to time, they help reduce the spread of COVID-19. They also keep faces relatively warm during the cold months.

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Many people have wanted to go back to a time before people were forced to wear a mask, and live their lives in their homes. The governor of Virginia will allow masks to be removed in public places, such as stores and other enclosed spaces. While some may think this may be rather counter productive to stop new variants, it may be, but shop owners will most likely be able to choose if they’ll still require masks to be kept on while entering their stores.

Omicron may be a major threat, it is not the most deadly COVID-19 variant out there. Every day COVID-19 variants fester into existence, some more deadly than the last. Omicron is a threat, but it is not the second version of COVID-19 pandemic that will make us go back to a virtual life style. As long as you wash your hands, and wear a mask the right way, your chances of getting COVID are slim, though never impossible.