February Protests in D.C. and How to Get Involved

Caleb Faulkerson, Cav Culture Editor

In America, it seems that no year is complete without at least a handful of marches. Since before the official founding of our nation, American denizens have taken and continue to take to the streets to stand for the things they hold dear.

Photo by nrwa.org

Largely in response to social, political, and economic turmoil, the last two years in particular saw a comparative spike in activist demonstrations. As such, Washington D.C. is expected to remain a hotspot for civic demonstrations in days and years to come. To that end, what protests does the month of February have to offer?

First, the Rural Water Rally is scheduled for February 8 to February 10. Organizers are expected to advocate for “affordable, ample, and quality water,” specifically in rural areas.

Second, the Legislative Rally is scheduled for February 28 to March 2. Organizers of this event intend to urge Congress to recognize the power  of local legislation.

With these upcoming protests in mind, however, one must consider an essential question: why are protests important? Whether they’re organized to oppose taxation without representation or to secure suffrage for underrepresented populations, protests have the potential to define generations and precipitate the reshaping of our society.

 In the words of Eleni Kepler, a Woodson Cav who’s researched many a protest in preparation for Model Congress, “protesting isn’t just a way to spread a message, they also

Photo by publicpower.org

demonstrate what the public believes and is passionate about.” 

That said, public demonstrations can easily get out of hand depending on the circumstances. “Even though there will always be some bad actors,”

 Eleni continued, “so long as the proper steps are taken to allow for peaceful, civic expressions, Americans’ voices can be heard without pointless devastation.”

To that end, it’s fair to say that peace is a cause we can all rally around. Our modern world is rife with thought-provoking topics that rouse discussion, and we now possess more effective ways to protest than ever before. “You finally feel like you’re making a difference,” Eleni continued. “When you spend a week getting people involved, making signs and then hours yelling your heart out until your throat hurts, you feel very accomplished; even more so when you inspire others to get involved.”