Dogs galore! Woodson Minds Matter Special Event

Zayna Shahin, Feature Editor

Woodson has given the student body many resources and ways to make our school days better, from spirit week to a therapy dog event. On December 16th, Woodson Minds Matter, Woodsons mental health awareness club, held an event in which therapy dogs were brought in for the students to enjoy during their lunches. All lunch periods got to experience the furry friends. Woodson Minds Matter is a student-run organization that meets once a month and holds fun events constantly throughout the school year. WMM’s main purpose is to spread positivity and information about mental health and how it affects students, especially Woodson students. The therapy dog event was held to ease the school day stress.

 Ruthie is a sweet, sociable dog who didn’t mind all of the students’ hands on her. She is two years old and has only been in the program for two events. Being a good girl must take a lot out of her day, but luckily she made time to see the Woodson student body. Fun Fact: she’s named after Ruth from Ozark.


   Frankie is a polite, well-mannered baby. She sat and watched students come and go as the lunches changed as she patiently accepted pets. Her beautiful blue eyes were all the more compelling to get you to pet her. Being the softest out of the 3 dogs must have been a lot of pressure, but she handled it perfectly.

   Mack is a very timid, curious dog that sniffs anything that moves. He’s very polite and timid at first, but as the lunch period moved on, he got more and more comfortable until he was posing for pictures. He’s been in the program for about a year out of his 3 years of life. He had a tranquil effect on the students who laid down with him to pet his belly.