Woodson Wrapped: Cavs Look Back on 2021

Reagan Dempster, Editor in Chief

Photo courtesy of Reagan Dempster

 December is coming to an end as Woodson students wrap up the 2021 portion of the school year. Over the past four months students have been blessed to see the return of traditions that  they would see in a pandemic-free year. Starting out the year with Cav Kick Off, the return of Friday night lights, and other Woodson sports events as well as homecoming. Here is the Cavaliers 2021 year in review.

Cheerleaders dance and shout forming in a tunnel as they welcome the new Cavaliers to Woodson, for the first in-person event of the year, Cav Kickoff. They walked into school with a smile on their face meeting in the auditorium for orientation. They were soon joined by students from all grades on the outdoor basketball courts. The smell of food trucks filled the air, and the sound of music filled the air. “It was nice to reconnect with my old teachers that I had online,” said senior Ava Avsota. “It was nice to see them in person.” The first in-person event with students of all grades was a big success. Students reconnecting with their old friends and teachers, for the first time in a while, was the best way to kick off the school year. 

The first Friday of the school year students headed to Pat Cunningham Stadium full of excitement for the first football game. “Having fans back in the stadium was a very nice change to the football environment,” said senior football player Cal Sandino. “It was nice to hear the Woodson cheers in The Pat again.” The cheerleaders and dance team stood on the track ecstatic for the return of packed stands. 

Photo courtesy of Ellie French

The first home football game was followed by four more. There was always a strong attendance of Woodson students at both the home and away football games. “I enjoyed having one last season to play football with my friends,” said Cal. Nothing compares to packed stands full of encouraging chants and smiles.

After no school dances last year, students were excited to hear that Woodson was going to have a homecoming dance. The streets were full of laughs and cheers for the homecoming parade and game. The school was decorated beautifully with the fairy tale theme with star paper and vines on the walls and roses on the desks. Woodson took a different approach to the dance this year by having the DJ outside. “I thought the outdoor venue was great,” said senior Rowan Clark. “And I also enjoyed having the option of indoor seating. Students loved it and were thrilled to be at their first school dance or were thrilled to be returning to one after the crazy year.