Last-Minute Christmas Present Ideas

Jessica Lin

With the fast arrival of Christmas, 2021, there may be many loved ones you have not found presents for. When looking for last minute Christmas presents, local stores are a fast option in which you can handpick and compare options in person without waiting for shipping. Some good options for any gender or age are winter accessories, graphic T-shirts, lotion, chocolate and first-name Christmas ornaments.  


However, if you do trust shipping, two good Amazon winter gifts are electric hand warmers and weighted blankets. 



Christmas Present Ideas by Store: 

Depending on where you live, shopping malls are great for in-person shopping, with a variety of options that are fun, including food options and bubble tea. Malls can also simplify many trips into one as you load up from different stores.

Malls have tons of accessories ranging from hats, earrings, scarves, tote bags, and fuzzy socks. 




Christmas Present Ideas by Age: 

Next, for those who have more time on their hands but are looking for ideas, here is a list of gift ideas based on age.  


The good thing about elementary schoolers (6-12 yrs) is that the practicality of the gift is by far not the highest priority, barring some exceptions. Ideas for cool presents for eager kids are erasers, water bottles, and lego sets

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Pull apart puzzle erasers can be found on Amazon, the Dollar Tree, Target, and Staples. Popular eraser sets include sushi sets, donut sets, and cute animal sets. 

Masks in school can make drinking water during the day more awkward than before. A new water bottle to show off to friends could be the reminder for young students to drink water. 

Lastly, Lego sets are two presents in one as it can keep a kid occupied while their parents can grab a few moments of rest. Legos come from the jumbo-sized kits for younger kids, to complex sets of 1000+ pieces. 

Middle schoolers and high schoolers (12-18 yrs) can be hard to find presents for with their varying interests. Here are a few ideas that can give teens an extra boost in their lives. 

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Dry shampoo is a great present for teens who have dyed their hair bright colors. Washing dyed hair will sometimes dampen the color and dry shampoo is a solution to that. 

Many middle and high school students often already have ear piercings but it is never enough. An extra piercing along their ear is a popular look that teens may be hoping for. 

For teens who spend a lot of time in their rooms, room lights for different colors can add a simple touch to glam up a room. 

Finally, as the 21st century is the phone age, phone stands are a practical gift. Phone stands are a useful tool for FaceTime and multitasking.


While the holiday season is full of yummy treats and food, at the end of the two week break, college students and young adults (19-30yrs) will need to head back to their grueling work. 

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A gift that they will appreciate is healthy/indulgent snacks like chocolate-covered fruit, energy bars, and chocolate. In their times of stress where there never seems to be enough time for meals, these snacks may be lifesavers. 

Another simple-yet popular-gift is a Hydroflask. They are highly rated water bottles that are great for taking to the beach if you don’t want anyone to see what mystery drink you have.  

Christmas presents for parents can be a tricky hit and miss activity. For parents that are always misplacing their personal items like their phone, wallet and car keys, location tiles might be the thing for them. Attaching a tile tracker can help them find belongings in a flash.  

Another idea for heavy coffee or tea drinkers are couple mugs. Mugs are a present that are easily used and add to the mismatched collection of cups everyone has. 


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After coming out of a Covid year, grandparents and seniors may feel more vulnerable than before. A thoughtful tech savvy gift for grandparents is a wireless charging device that sanitizes. Not only is this convenient and useful, it can help your loved one feel more comfortable in using their phones. 

Finally, framed pictures or personalized calendars are something grandparents will always enjoy. Pictures can help them feel connected despite infrequent meetings, and it allows them to show their children and grandchildren off to their friends.