Lights, Christmas, Action!

Nico Marvin, Sports Editor

         Pulling out the boxes from the garage, unknotting wires, checking every bulb twice. Pumping up the blow ups, and deciding where to place them in accordance with a grand vision, thought up days before. This toil, hard work, and sometimes sheer frustration, finalize to make the houses we see now. So sit back, grab the nearest warm drink, and enjoy the best houses the Woodson community has to offer.

       A beautiful assortment of sparkling, colorful lights circling the house. Icicles drip down from the roof, and mystical arctic creatures roam the fence line back and forth. As you adventure towards the back of the house, a lone shimmering tree stands high, with a star perched on top. As a centerpiece to it all, two wreaths hang on the rafters. Finally guarding it all, is the moon peeking through a cloud or a tree. 



      Arranged around a massive tree lined in lights, this house has many blowup assortments ranging from polar bears to a brave tin soldier. Up front is a tall snowman, joyously looking over it all.



       Here at this house music plays out from a collection of blowups. To explore this house one must first trek through a candy cane forest, which ends up at the base of a prodigious snowman welcoming all to his land of snow. At the other end a snow globe and many tiny animals leap around in bliss. 


       To end this winter spectacular, one at first glance may be shocked and confused. However once one bravely gets closer, they will discover these skeletons are dressed and prepared for the Yuletide season. The skeletons party around, while one skeleton, over 12 feet tall, looks down over his fellow skeleton kin.