Woodson Ice Hockey Club Laces up to the Challenge

Adia Elcock and Cavan Griffin

Woodson Ice Hockey has been playing in the Capital Scholastic Hockey League (CSHL) since its inception in 2015. Led by team captains Sean Hanson, Thomas Houttekier, Ryan Depriest, and coached by Scott Persky, Woodson is building a strong hockey team, even if there are many challenges.

Woodson Ice Hockey team supporters. Photo courtesy of Patrick Gilbert. 

Due to Virginia’s relatively mild climate, ice arenas are the only way for hockey players to practice. With few hockey rinks in the area, many teams compete for time on the ice. As a result, the Woodson hockey team practices somewhat infrequently, taking advantage of any ice time available. Even if the team doesn’t have their own personal rink, that doesn’t stop them from practicing as much as they can. The hard work paid off when they defeated Fairfax 9-5 on December 3. 

Due to hockey being a club sport, it’s not associated with Woodson itself, “We’re not a Woodson sport, but I’d definitely recommend people join the team” says Senior Captain Sean Hanson. Another side effect of not being a Woodson sport is a lack of direct funding and equipment. According to Hanson, “Hockey makes you get your own equipment.” Even with the equipment needing to be funded, the sport itself seems quite interesting and worth the investment. 

As the season comes to an end, the team is looking towards the playoffs. Currently in last place in their division*, the hockey team will have to dig deep if they hope to win the championship. While ice time is hard to come by, camaraderie is not, and the ice hockey team is enjoying a season of family and fun.

*Monumental Hockey Hubwww.monumentalhockeyhub.com