Woodson Students’ Favorite Rewatchable Shows

Reagan Dempster, Editor in Chief

Photos courtesy of IMDb

After a long day at school, full of work and friends it is no surprise that when many students get home they enjoy putting their feet up under a blanket and relaxing to their favorite TV show with their after-school snack. According to some Woodson students, they can watch some programs over and over, and never get tired of them. They have all the qualities a student wants in a show, and never fail to brighten up their day even if they know what is coming next. Here are some of Woodson students’ favorite rewatchable shows.

Valerie Thomas, junior, loves to rewatch American sitcom, Parks and Recreation. Parks and Recreation “is so rewatchable because of the hilarious characters and the story line,” she said. The show follows the characters journey in attempting to turn an abandoned construction site into a state park to beautify their town. “ I enjoy rewatching it because the jokes never get tiring and they still make me laugh,” said Valerie. She has watched the show two times all the way through. 

Senior Naina Davidar’s favorite rewatchable show is mystery show, Psych. “The plot is always interesting and I enjoy rewatching it since all the characters are very loveable and entertaining to watch,” said Naina. Naina has watched Psych two times all the way through. The show follows main character Shawn Spencer as he gets accused of a crime he ended up solving with his unmatchable observational skills, but convinces the police that he solved the crime by being psychic. The police then keep him on the staff as a psychic to help him solve crimes. However, he is never psychic; his father just raised him to be extremely observant. 

Senior Derek Webb’s favorite rewatchable show is The Simpsons. Derek enjoys rewatching The Simpsons because “there is a lot of good humor,” he said. “The episodes are not too long.” The Simpsons is an animated sitcom following a family in the town of Springfield. Derek has rewatched some of the episodes several times, but has not seen the show all the way through.  

Junior Aubree Reasor’s favorite show to rewatch is the mystery show, Criminal Minds. The show follows an FBI team as they use criminal profiling to solve crimes. “I like to rewatch it because there are many seasons,” said Aubree. “I can rewatch any episode and it doesn’t get repetitive.” She has seen all 15 seasons of the show, and has rewatched the first 12. “All of the episodes are exciting to see again,” she said.