2021 Guide to Christmas Shopping

Cavan Griffin, Staff Writer

 Though it may be a bit early for Christmas, it’s never too early for consumerism. Students have been in a rush to find presents for their loved ones around Christmas time. With the number of people that circulate the shopping malls, new methods are needed to help simplify the shopping experience. 

Graphic by Zainab Rentia.

Black Friday causes many stores to experience many shortages on products. With the effect of the pandemics still lingering, various resources are in short supply, such as glass, aluminum, and grapes used in many gifts, many gifts such as wine, expensive bottles, and the outer shell of smartphones. While this may seem like cause for panic, the bigger problem is labor shortages. Without the manpower needed to operate the machinery and move products, companies can’t ship any products to stores.

The best idea would be to make a shopping list and mark specific dates on your calendar for a big shopping trip. If a store doesn’t have what you need, try again in a week. Mark down all the presents you want on the list, try to get it all before the rush on Black Friday, and don’t hesitate to take advantage of sales either. 

Black Friday strategies vary from person to person, especially when it comes to teacher to student. “We begin shopping really, really early, and only do online shopping,” math teacher Daryl Richards says. If you choose to do in-person shopping the best way to get your gifts is to arrive a lot earlier than other people. 

Students have the most free time, which is why they should take advantage of this opportunity while it’s still around. If students have their driver’s license’s, they can go to any store that is preparing for the Black Friday sales and, even if the price is still average, using this opportunity can get you presents your family wants before they are completely sold out.

Coupons are very important to help get deals for the holidays. The best way to get discounts with coupons is to save them on your phone. Being able to take out your phone and apply for a discount is the easiest way to get discounts. You can also plan on getting as many newspapers as you can find, and cut all the coupons that you can. All of those coupons will stack up in due time, which will lead to big deals on food, or any other name-brand retailers. Though the best way is with smartphones, 

It is also a great time to dig up any gift cards that you’ve gotten to help with your shopping. Many students leave gift cards in wallets as well as around the house. If you collect them faster than your family members, you can spend them on their gifts. The power of gift cards should not be underestimated, being at least ten dollars, these cards have the potential to make your Christmas shopping completely inexpensive. Though gift cards can have their value reduced the longer they go unused, use them while you still can!