Woodson Basketball Season Tips Off

Zoe Fenner, Sports Editor

New and returning Woodson Basketball players took onto the court strong for tryouts that began on November 8. Senior Andre Pacheco, captain and point guard for the Woodson Boys Varsity Basketball team has been preparing individually and with teammates to gear up for the 2021-2022 season. On the girls varsity team, junior Levina Weinberger, a power forward, enters the 2021-2022 season with high hopes for herself and her team.

The boys JV basketball team scrimmage. Photo courtesy of the unofficial Woodson Boys JV Basketball team Instagram.

Along with preparations made by players, the basketball coaches have worked tirelessly to strengthen their teams before the 2021-2022 season tips off. Mike Viccora, coach for the girls JV team, says that there have been voluntary opportunities for all basketball players to hone their skills before the season takes off by participating in pre-season weight lifting, conditioning, green days (practices) and fall games. Viccora says that there is a lot of  “excitement and energy around the program” this winter, since the 2020-2021 season was interrupted by the pandemic.  

Last winter, the boys varsity team went 11-6, ranking third in the AAA Patriot District. The girls varsity team went 5-6, ranking fourth in the District 4 region. Viccora says that the Woodson Basketball program as a whole anticipates a successful season this year and hopes to avoid detrimental pauses in practices and games due to Covid-19.

As a senior, Pacheco says that he is excited for his final season with Woodson and that he is anticipating getting back on the court. Pacheco aims to improve his skills on the court and to help his teammates better themselves as players. He  says he expects the boys varsity team to “give it [their] all every time [they] step on the court, and compete at the highest level for districts and regionals.” He says that the Cavs are a talented team to look out for and that he expects them to go far in the playoffs.

Girls Freshman team practice. Photo by Zoe Fenner.

Weinberger also has faith in a successful 2021-2022 season. After playing Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball in the spring and competing in tournaments over the summer, Weinberger says she is excited to be back in the Woodson basketball schedule. She says that she expects the girls to put all their efforts into the upcoming season. Weinberger hopes that the girls varsity team can “become more of a shooting team, because [the team is] a young, underclassmen team.” Weinberger expects for the girls varsity team to do well this season and make it to the district championship.