Hall Sweeps: A Futile Solution to a Stubborn Problem

Annabella Agosto, Feature Editor

Sprinting through the halls at 8:09 a.m. was never anyone’s first choice. A short glance at the Woodson hallways and parking lot a minute before the bell rings will show the daily panic of students desperate to get to class on time, and their parents who are relentless in making it happen. 

The new hall sweep policy fails to consider causes of tardiness that are out of the student’s control in the mornings and will result in a greater loss of educational time for both students and teachers. 

Photo illustration by Vy Nguyen. Original meme by knowyourmeme.com.

W.T. Woodson parking lots are notorious for being packed, slow and disorganized. Parents block the way of other cars to let their children out, vehicles perform U-turns in the middle of the line and changes in weather can significantly slow down the entire process. The mornings are always going to be unpredictable and arriving to school early everyday in anticipation of the unknown amount of traffic is not simple. More staff who can enforce order need to be present in parking lots during the morning to prevent congestion that eventually results in tardiness.

Furthermore, locking students out of the classroom and forcing them to find a hall monitor to give them a pass only makes them lose time meant for learning and distracts teachers and students in the process. This problem could be helped if doors were left open for at least a few minutes after the bell to allow students to enter without disturbing the class. 

Even when a student is tardy, detention should not be the punishment, as it is currently, unless tardiness has become an extremely consistent issue for that particular student. Unexcused tardies on a student’s record are already a consequence; there is no need for the addition of detention. Detention is something that should be reserved for punishing serious violations of the Students Rights and Responsibilities (SR&R) handbook or else it will not be taken seriously.


Note to reader: Starting December 1, Woodson will be changing the Kiss and Ride pattern out front due to numerous issues. Parents coming from Whitacre Rd will now be directed to door 9 Kiss and Ride.