Giving Thanks for Woodson’s Favorite Thanksgiving dishes

Jada Bromberg, Staff Writer

The smell of food fills the air. Hours of cooking for one evening’s Thanksgiving meal has to be worth it. On average, one 12-14 pound unstuffed turkey takes three hours to cook. The entree is only the base of the meal, and it isn’t necessarily everyone’s favorite part of the dinner either. 

“My favorite is stuffing because you can eat a lot of it and you can’t get full,” said Sophomore Henry Persky.

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Likewise, junior Nick Siew also said his favorite is stuffing. Although, he determined that stuffing inside of the turkey tastes the best.

There has been major controversy over the past several decades over the safety of stuffing the Thanksgiving turkey. People could be “dropping like flies the day after Thanksgiving,” said Carol Sugarman in a Washington Post article. The turkey does not cook enough when stuffing is inside the meat, because “[the stuffing doesn’t] reach a temperature hot enough to kill bacteria(Sugarman). 

Another common side seen on the Thanksgiving table is mashed potatoes, which is the favorite of junior Lacey Vailikit. “My family has a really good recipe for them and it’s hard to go wrong with it,” she said.

Senior Aveek Sur expressed that his favorites are “the mashed potatoes and bread rolls. The worst would be nothing [because] I am a foodie.” His reasoning for his favorite dishes were because “they are carbs.” 

Sophomore Claire Warden weighed in with the unpopular opinion saying “I’m a super picky eater so I’ll go with turkey is my favorite.” 

“My least favorite is cranberry sauce because it isn’t good with turkey,” Persky added. 

Opinions on the worst Thanksgiving dishes are scattered across the board. “The worst is the vegetables because let’s be honest, no kid is going to eat them and the parents will not yell at the kids when the guests are over,” said Siew.

Looking into the science, Spoon University, a food publication’s research shows that young people tend not to like the bitter taste in greens and cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and cabbage. “Bitterness is a sign of poison and potential toxicity” ( 

Contrary to Warden whose favorite was turkey, Vailikit exclaimed “turkey is the worst, it’s boring and rarely made well.” 

Warden, who disagreed, said “the worst would probably be mashed potatoes, the texture is gross.”

Photo courtesy of @woodson cavalry

After conducting a poll, 320 Woodson students responded with what their favorite and worst favorite Thanksgiving foods are out of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. 169 said mashed potatoes are their favorite, and 151 said cranberry sauce is their least favorite.