Taking AP Courses: A Beatable Challenge

Cavan Griffin, Staff Writer

Woodson has always let students pick the difficulty for the classes they want to take, such as APs. APs are a type of class for the student who wants a bit more of a challenge in their course, or some extra college credit. Moreover the intended design for most ideas differs from the end result, as students load up on APs to maximize their GPA. While Woodson Cavaliers accept APs to be the norm, is it really what students should strive for, or does it stress out students too much?

Woodson students are very familiar with AP courses, as 1082 out of the 2461 students at Woodson take APs. Which is disregarding the population of freshmen due to the fact that they’re not allowed to take any APs. Because of this big number, students are very familiar with all that goes into an AP and the stress that it comes with. Considering Woodson is one of the schools with the best average grades, it seems quite fitting that many students take at least one AP.

Since AP courses are designed to be college courses, it’s no surprise that the tests are extremely hard. The courses themselves are much harder as “compared to honors it’s a big step up, after your first AP you get used to it, though,” says senior Rose McClelland.

Cartoon by Vy Nguyen. 

Another big part of school is mental health, and it mainly depends on the person, “a lot of students feel overwhelmed, but I got through it,” states McClelland. Workload tends to vary quite a lot, as people can either choose to put in the time for studying, or don’t touch any form of review until the last minute and hope for the best on the test.

Woodson courses are very hard, whether they take regular classes, honors, or APs. Even the homework is the same, “Roughly two hours for me,” says senior Luke Depue. Though the tests are a bit different, as AP classes are a bit harder than regular classes. “Depends, most of the time they’re fine if you do the review,” Depue says.

The classes themselves are somewhat similar but still have their differences, though they’re still quite hard as “Calc is the hardest class I’m taking right now.” Even some of the regular classes are quite the challenge. Though they may not be as tough as AP classes, regular classes tend to be a bit less stressful when it comes to tests and other forms of work, “overall the classes are fine,” said Depue after being asked how stressful regular classes are.

The amount of time the student has to live their social life is very thin, and it’s been taken up by papers and projects. Stress and hard classes mainly depend on the school, as Woodson classes have the same amount of homework over the week. Regular classes tend to be high stress for students, even if the tests aren’t as painful to go through.