Homecoming Over the Years

Zayna Shahin, Feature editor


                   Homecoming at Woodson High School, treated almost like a holiday, gives the student body a chance to enjoy themselves and take a break from the studying and stress. Leading up to Homecoming, spirit week builds anticipation and is a fun way to experience the homecoming spirit through expressing yourself. Expectedly, homecoming is not a recent thing and has been a part of Woodson since its opening in 1962. Homecoming also shows many changes and developments over time, as seen in many photos, homecoming and its style has dramatically changed over the years.


All photos courtesy of Woodson Cavalier


Homecoming shows to be more formal as it becomes a yearly event. Students begin to dress up and look their best in 1984.






Students gather in their friend groups and continue the upward trend of corduroy, which doesn’t stop for many decades







Students begin showing school spirit as a tradition of homecoming week, a trend which sticks with Woodson for years to come.





Students dance in formal wear and celebrate the last homecoming before the twenty first century. Styles are beginning to develop and hair is flattening out.






A dance circle is made in a group of students which allows for one student to take the floor and show off his dance moves.






Once again, dance circles dominate homecoming and students stop to watch every few songs.