Karate, Figure Skating, Skiing: Sports Outside FCPS

Reagan Dempster, Editor in Chief


Over the years Woodson’s athletic program has grown in both athlete participation and variety of sports offered. Many Woodson students’ sport of choice is offered at Woodson. However, some students participate in sports that can not be offered through high school athletic programs. Here are some students that participate in sports that are not offered at Woodson.

Data by US Figure Skating, USA National Karate-do Federation, and US Ski and Board. Graphic by Nico Marvin.

Kameron Nguyen, senior, has been doing karate for 12 years, and is now a brown belt. He is currently doing karate with an organization called Viet Quan Dao(VQD). VDQ is a fusion of Vietnamese Martial Arts and Shotokan Karate. Every season FCPS rents their school gyms to VQD. “I like the discipline of martial arts in general,” said Kameron. “It builds character and patience, and helps you to defend yourself.”

Eileen Weisger, junior, is a figure skater. She has been figure skating for 13 years, because her dad got her involved at a young age. At Fairfax Ice Arena Eileen practices every day for three hours on the ice, and one hour off the ice.

“My favorite part of figure skating is having a program that you perform for others that showcases the best of your jumps, spins, step sequences, and choreography,” said Eileen. “I wear a bedazzled dress when I skate for competitions and it makes you feel like a princess on the ice, one of the best feelings.”

Data by Google Maps. Graphic by Nico Marvin.

Her figure skating competition season lasts from February to November. “There is so much stress that comes from figure skating because you want everything to be perfect,” she said. “But the moment you step on the ice and skate a clean program, it is the best feeling in the world.”

Eileen enjoys spending time with her coaches, Kalle and Mike at competitions. Together they stretch, get dressed, eat, and get their hair and makeup done together.

Finally, Cara Swisher,senior, has been racing for Ski Liberty since she was eight years old. Even though she did not start racing till eight, she has been skiing since she was two. She practices three times a week at Ski liberty during the winter time. Racing for ski liberty has given her the opportunity to meet skiers all along the east coast, from New Jersey to southern Virginia.

“Races are super fun but stressful,” said Cara. During a race you get two runs each with a different course. There is one run in the morning, and one in the afternoon. The skier’s place in the race is determined by the average of those two scores. “My favorite part about skiing is definitely the people,” said Cara. “and the experiences that I get to have from the community.”