The Best Spooky Stories by Cavs, In Brief

Zayna Shahin, Feature editor

The Woodson student body is a creative and innovative group of students, especially when it comes to expressing their scariest stories. The stories submitted to the writing contest were all very enticing and chilling, but a select few made it to the top 10. It was difficult to sort through all of the great stories and decide who would win the prize for the best 1-2 sentence Horror Story. 


10:You’ve spent your entire life working towards this one perfect school, your dream school. You click the link and read “We regret to inform you…”

Submission by Seniors Kendall Smith and Sophia Freemyer

9: When I smiled, she didn’t smile back. Something is very wrong with this mirror…

Submission by Senior Abby Cook


         8:It’s the final home football game, your last one as a high schooler. You look outside, and see deep, dark clouds producing torrential downpour, cancelling the game and your last high school experience. 

Submission by Seniors Sophia Freemyer and Kendall Smith

7:I knew I hadn’t unlocked that safe in a long, long time, much less picked up my gun. I couldn’t, however, deny the fact that a single bullet was missing from the case.

Submitted by Senior JD Peck

          6: “Battery at one percent”

I looked at Earth one last time before my suit ran out of power.

Submitted by Junior Evan Lorenz


5: “Are you afraid of the dark?” that was the last thing I heard before the light bulb shattered behind me…

Submission by Senior Heath Hand

4: I wake up in the middle of the night to be comforted by my dog’s muffled growling, only to remember my dog passed away six months ago. 

Submission by Freshman Franchesca Douchine


3:       I saw a little boy peering into my window last night. I live on the thirteenth  floor…

Submission by Senior Abby Cook


2:   The wind crept down my back like a spider sneaking down a web. The trees seemed to reach out and pull back, almost as to warn me, if only I listened.

Submission by Sophomore John Gelona


    And the best 1-2 sentence horror story:

1:  3:07 AM was the time imprinted in my brain after I woke up from my nightmare. I looked over to my digital clock, which read “3:06:59 AM”, and that’s when I heard the creaking of my closet door. 

Submitted by 9th grader, Maggie Smallwood