Sophomores and Seniors Win Big At This Year’s Powerpuff Game

Jada Bromberg, Staff Writer

The week of Homecoming festivities was kicked off with the annual tradition of Powerpuff (formerly known as Powderpuff) games. The freshman and sophomore teams competed in the first game on October 11 at 6 p.m. followed by the juniors vs. seniors at 7:15 p.m. on the turf at Pat Cunningham Stadium. Just minutes before the start of each game, students on both teams fastened their belts and prepared for battle. 

Seniors gear up, photos by Jada Bromberg


“It’s just your typical flag football. For the 17 years that I’ve been at Woodson High School, it’s been the freshman vs. sophomores and the juniors vs. seniors,” Director of Student Activities, Daniel Checkosky, said. 


Freshman showed their spirit by wearing red, and sophomores dressed in blue. Sophomores had a lead against the freshman for the duration of the game. At the very last second, Claire Campion, freshman, scored a field goal adding one point to their team’s score, but it wasn’t enough to overturn the game. Hands were thrown up in the air as the sophomores declared their victory, 36-25.

Seniors Leah Meyer and Eunice Yoon


Prepared for their game, juniors and seniors lined up against the front fence of the bleachers in their white and black outfits to show their support for their peers on the field. Ready to beat the opposing class, seniors ran from the left side of the field and got in position. Juniors faced them prepared for the kick-off. The senior team scored the first touchdown and peers in the audience blasted music to encourage their classmates. Intensity built as the game continued. Seniors took the win 18-7.


“Leadership and the students have done an amazing job [planning],” said Checkosky. “I think it’s a great way to start the Homecoming week.”