Leadership: A behind the scenes look

Zayna Shahin, Feature Editor

A normal leadership class could look like students conversing with each other, some students on their computers, some talking to the teacher, and some even making poster boards. Leadership is a class in which you find hard at work students who use their class time organizing and effectively putting together school-sponsored events such as halftime, pep-rallies, and more. Leadership students are welcoming people who are dedicated to helping the school and their fellow students. As classes slowly get harder and harder and the student body gets more and more involved in school, Leadership is there to make it that much easier.

Photos courtesy of Mrs. Schmauder

Leadership teaches students how to be good leaders and how to put their leadership skills to use in many different environments, including the classroom. It’s a fun and welcoming environment where students seem to love Leadership can also help students build their confidence in public speaking and social skills. Leadership gives students a chance to learn organizational skills and to speak with meaning.

A normal day in a leadership class says Mrs. Schmauder could start by sharing a quote, then watching a Ted Talk, and finally conversing with classmates about upcoming events. The day is filled with activities. Some days though, the class time is used to do different things, such as, dividing into subcommittees to plan upcoming school events like hey-day or fall fest “Sub-committee members essentially organize certain school-sponsored events and they do so by contacting different food sources and setting up stations” Sub-committee member Junior and pep-rally sub committee member Samra McCullin said.

Leadership students help out at the track.

Leadership consists of different subcommittees, for example, the fall fest committee, which uses class time to plan out what is going to go into this year’s fall fest. There are various types of committees for various Woodson events such as homecoming, spirit week, powder puff, and more! Leadership also takes care of many of the school’s regular jobs, such as picture day, spirit days, and more. 

To do these tasks and to be proficient is a big ask for a high school student, that’s why leadership requires students who are dedicated to being involved with the school. “If a student wants to come in here and do work for the community, the school, they’d make a good leadership student,” says leadership teacher Mrs. Schmauder “ we help students discover who they are and we teach them how to work with people who are not like them.” although leadership is helpful for college and job applications, it also comes with many more advantages and lessons. “It really helps to be able to influence decisions and things that happen at your school, and to let your voice be heard and speak for most of your class,” says junior Ometere Sanni. Being a part of leadership gives students a chance to voice their opinions and truly be a part of the school from the inside. 

Leadership students hard at work planning Homecoming

What goes into planning an event is a task big enough to intimidate any student who’s not in leadership. Planning an event consists of finding and ordering food trucks, then going to participating clubs and organizing their engagement in the event, the communications and the social media subcommittees take care of getting the word out and creating posters. Along with all of this, every purchase made has to go through the finance office before an order can be placed. 

There is an overall sense of professionalism and pride that radiates from the leadership teachers and students who do so much for this school.