A Spotlight on Fair City

Kara Lynch, News Editor

Fair City Mall is Woodson High School’s favorite neighbor. The shopping center has a large variety of shops and restaurants to offer therefore, a good number of Woodson students can be seen there before and after school. For example: Pot Belly Sandwiches and Kokee Tea were crowded with lines out the door during Cav Kickoff.


Photo courtesy of Jack Rose

For Annika Markobich, sophomore, her favorite place in Fair City is Trader Joe’s. “The food they have is so good and healthy for you,” she said. Markobich sometimes goes to Tropical Smoothie after school and occasionally to McDonald’s. She also enjoys Shoppers, a grocery store, “I could wander in Shoppers for hours.”

Fair City is also a popular destination for Cavaliers sports teams. The Girls Varsity Volleyball Team can be seen grabbing Chipotle or Potbelly after practice.

Fair City is semi-outdated and needs more exciting and modern shops. Foundation Coffee is one business that is already bringing a more contemporary vibe to the shopping center.

Some Woodson students have yet to find the coffee house that operates behind the Bed Bath and Beyond building. It’s hidden from plain sight as it’s located on the loading dock side of the mall. The space where Foundation Coffee resides was once a warehouse before it became a chic and modern coffee shop. 

Photo courtesy of Jack Rose

The designer, Hae Kim, transformed the warehouse space into a coffee experience. “My main design concept was a theater, with its center stage being the coffee bar,” he told Daily Coffee News. Foundation Coffee has a clean and quiet environment and is the perfect place to get homework done. 

Jordan Lucas, senior, says, “[Foundation Coffee] is so amazing. I go there way too much.” She usually orders an iced vanilla latte and a slice of strawberry cake. Sophomore, Juliana Genoble, says, “I got their croissant with fruit and cream and it was so good!” 

Kathleen Modder, senior, likes to grab Chipotle when at Fair City while Adesten Gordo, sophomore, likes to go to the gym. Eve Kady and Colleen Read, who are sophomores, both enjoy getting smoothies after school. Other students also like going to Fair City for Marshalls, Kokee, and of course Trader Joe’s.