Plugging back into Woodson with Clubs

Emelia Crump, Staff Writer

Getting into the groove of Woodson can be challenging after a whole school year without genuine social interactions with teachers, classmates and coaches. Where do students pick up where they left off? For new students, how do they find the perfect way to connect with others who share their interests- whether they’re looking to be the champion player in Chess Club or the sharpest star-gazer in Astronomy Club? With over 70 clubs to choose from, Woodson students are sure to find something they enjoy. 

Clubs offer an outlet where students can be themselves surrounded by others who share common interests. The Woodson club calendar can be found through Cav Kiosk by clicking on “Clubs and Activities,” and don’t forget about attending Heyday: an outdoor event taking place on October 8th during third period where Woodson students display the clubs they take part in, explaining to students what activities they participate in and the main idea of their clubs. There’s food, too! 

For now, here’s an overview of a couple of clubs: what they’re all about, why they’re important and how they benefit and inspire others. 

Literary Magazine Club: 

Sponsored By: Mr. Zach Ford, Freshman English teacher

Literary Magazine Club is a club for students looking to display their creative writing and pieces of art through a fully student created digital magazine. 

“This club is important because it’s the only outlet (through clubs) for fully student-created creative writing,” Mr. Ford explained. 

Literary Magazine allows students to write and draw outside of class restrictions, giving them a forum where they can collaborate and communicate with other students who have the same creative hobbies. 

“Students are proud to get their work in front of other students,” Mr. Ford observed. “I think they’re excited to be around other students who write, and I’m impressed by their writing.” 

Literary Magazine Club provides an environment for students to get their viewpoints expressed, be creative and represent themselves while experiencing the enjoyment of sharing their work with others!


Young Hearts Club: 

Sponsored by: Mrs. Shapiro, Spanish teacher and multi-club sponsor

Young Hearts Club is a club with the mission to provide comfort and support to people and their families with life-threatening diseases. This support given by the students in the Young Hearts Club is shown through service projects and fundraisers. The overall goal? To hearten and brighten the moods of sick individuals by showing them that Woodson students care. 

“This club makes our students feel a sense of fulfillment because they get to help others,” Mrs. Shapiro said.

When a high school club like Young Hearts gets the opportunity to lend a helping hand to others, it gives students the opportunity to bring lots of people together while cheering up their hearts and spirits! 

Photo courtesy of Emmie Crump

Spanish Club

Sponsored By: Mrs. Shapiro and Profe Varona, Spanish teachers

¿De que se trata este club- what is this club about? Well, it’s about a lot more than speaking Spanish- the club is all about learning Hispanic culture so students get a better understanding about the world around them. 

“The students in Spanish club enjoy it because we have fun,” Mrs. Shapiro said. “The club allows us to honor other perspectives and help other people.” 

By attending Spanish Club, students get the chance to explore their interests revolving Hispanic culture and traditions. This club gives students a broader understanding about how some of their teachers and friends celebrate and partake in holidays, gatherings and daily life activities. 


Cav Congress Club

Sponsored By: Mrs. Shapiro 

If looking to change the world one day and leave a footprint in the world, Cav Congress may be the right club. “Cav Congress brings together student leaders from all clubs and organizations where they discuss current school, community and school culture issues,” Mrs. Shapiro said. 

If students have a soft spot for leading others and trying to make a noticeable impact, it’s a great idea to give Cav Congress a go. Students feel productive when they use their problem-solving skills for the benefit of the school. It allows them to freely get their ideas out, along with hearing different solutions from their fellow classmates. 

“Cav Congress gives students a voice,” Mrs. Shapiro explained, “So we can all collaborate to meet everyone’s needs.”