Cherished Traditions Returning This Year

Reagan Dempster, Editor in Chief

Last year many Woodson traditions were halted because of the Corona-Virus. However, with decreasing CoronaVirus cases, and the return to in-person school; these traditions will be returning. Woodson leadership and SCA are hard at work planning fun events and activities for Woodson students that students were unable to enjoy last year.

Courtesy of Woodson April 2018 Photo Gallery. 

Hey Day:
Hey day is an activity fair that takes place during returns in the fall. In the school parking lot, Woodson clubs set up different booths and posters to advertise their club. The majority of the clubs cell baked goods, cookies, T-shirts, stickers and other goods. For club’s, it is a big fundraiser to raise money for supplies that they need for the school year. For students, it is an opportunity for them to see all the different clubs Woodson offers, and buy items from the clubs.

The Homecoming Dance:
Homecoming is on Saturday, October 16. Homecoming is the first formal dance of the school year with all grade levels. The dance is during the night time, and will have both outdoor and indoor dancing areas this year. Woodson students dress up, take pictures with their friends, and show off their moves. There will be two DJ’s this year, one inside, and one outside, a room to check coats and belongings, and a refreshment room, where students can relax and have water.

The Homecoming Parade and Football Game:
The Homecoming Parade and football game is on Friday, October 15. Prior to the Homecoming Football Game, families and students line up along the surrounding streets of Woodson eager for the Homecoming parade to begin. In the parade the Cheer Team, Dance Team, and Marching Band march around some surrounding roads to Woodson. Then, the SGA and SCA drive by with the floats that they make involving the homecoming theme for that year. Afterwards, The homecoming court nominees ride through the parade in convertibles with bright colorful posters. They dress up in suits, dresses and wave as they ride through the streets.

Photo courtesy of Reagan Dempster.

After the parade the football game begins. The homecoming game in the past has been the most high spirit, and well attended football game of the year. The theme of the football game is red, white, and blue out. This year for the homecoming football game Woodson is playing Fairfax High School which is one of Woodson’s biggest rivals. During halftime, the Homecoming court is announced onto the football field. They walk onto the field with family members and giant bright posters. The senior winners for homecoming queen and king are announced and crowned.