Woodson Lacrosse In Full Swing

Woodson Lacrosse In Full Swing

This season has been great and very fun for all spring sports, from tennis to baseball. But for Woodson’s lacrosse teams, it has also been a victorious one. Since the lacrosse season was cut short last year due to COVID-19, our lacrosse teams haven’t had a full season in a while. So, Woodson’s lacrosse players have been playing as hard as possible in every game and they have been proving that no matter how long they don’t play, they will always bounce back. 

Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse seems to has had an especially good season. As they have played 7 games, and won 5 of them. Not only was it a successful season, but it was also a fun one. 

This season has brought me even closer friendships and brought me so much happiness playing again after the canceled season,” Junior Mikaely Griffin said. “My favorite game had to be senior night against chantilly because of the energy on the field with everybody playing so well and off the field with the sideline celebrations being unique and funny.” Obviously, it was also a good season for the seniors. 

Girls’ Junior Varsity Lacrosse also has been on a roll this season with winning 6 out of 7 games they have played this season, with the combined angst to get all of their playing energy out and the built-up excitement, it is no surprise that the girls’ team have been doing so well, winning every game they have played thus far. “I didn’t get a very long season this year and even though it’s not a “normal” season,” Sophomore Jillian Ferrari said. “We are making the best out of it and having a great time!” This season has proved to have fewer games and practices than a normal season, but it hasn’t kept these athletes from enjoying what they love to do. 

Boys’ Junior Varsity Lacrosse has also had an eventful season, it seems they focused more on the game rather than the fun. They used this season as more of a practice season to improve their skills. “This season greatly improved my stick skills and stamina.” Sophomore Ivan Tysarczyk said. “I have a really good feeling for future games, our team is solid, with good defense, good goaltending, and good attack.” The JV boys lacrosse team is going to leave this season with some confidence. 

The Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse team has been enjoying their season. Although there weren’t too many chances to play and actually fully experience this season, they still made the best out of it. Especially those who are just starting varsity this year, like Junior Sean Hanson “It has been fun overall, everyone is very nice and everyone gets hyped for the games.”