Kathrynne Hester’s Senior Farewell

The first time I met Mr. Springer, our Journalism teacher, was in my 10th grade English class. I was reading an assigned book when he sarcastically remarked on the giant pomegranate that I was eating. I responded wittily receiving a laugh from him and from then on decided he was one of the most entertaining, enthusiastic, and engaging teachers I will ever have. Creative writing was canceled for my junior year so I chose journalism instead. It ended up being one of the best decisions of my high school career. 

Thank you to Mr. Springer and all of my peers for improving my grammar (which was quite horrifying before this journalistic endeavor), for engaging in my craziness, and of course, for all the fun times we all had written both challenging and lighthearted articles. 

Finally, I would like to apologize for any grammatical errors that may be in this little speech and I would like to inform you that I was tested positive for senioritis and it has hit me very, very hard. 

Best of luck to all and to all a goodnight AND MERRY GRADUATION TO US SENIORS!

-Kat (5) Hester

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