A.J. Wang’s Senior Farewell

My two years in Journalism at Woodson are sure to be one of the greatest highlights of my high school career. I’m happy to say that I was a part of something greater in the school that was working together as a team for long hours, day and night. I started J1 as a new student in my junior year, and I always remembered being rather intimidated by the background intensity of J2, 3, and 4 with Mr. Springer yelling, “GET THOSE FDs IN!!”, and it wasn’t long before I joined in the fun.

An enormous thank you to Mr. Springer and the editors for your patience and for continuing to work with me on improving the quality of my writing/articles this year. This year was challenging for everyone, but every other day I was always looking forward to logging in to 6th Pd. for some action! It’s safe to say that Woodson Journalism has greatly surpassed and adapted to this difficult year unlike any other class, and I know that the Cavalcade is in good hands with our new team. Wishing the best of luck to our new staff writers in the coming years!

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