Carolyn Bonafedes Senior Farewell

Carolyn Bonafede’s Senior Farewell

I am so grateful I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to our newspaper/magazine/website these past years. From the adrenaline of story signups, to the quest to meet deadlines as a staff writer (this senior farewell is the latest item I’ve ever turned in for this class – sorry editors!), to the continual combat as a copy editor with typos, missing hyphens and the poor, rejected Oxford comma, working on the Cavalcade has easily been one of my favorite and most rewarding high school activities. 

I hope the Woodson students have enjoyed reading the Cavalcade as much as I have enjoyed writing for it. I want to say that although there have been some nerve-racking moments along the way, I have generally been impressed with how tolerant the Woodson community was of my minority (in Fairfax) opinions. I want to thank Mr. Springer for even letting me voice said opinions because I think some other teachers would have just said “you can’t write that.” I’m glad I added some real diversity to our school, and even if no one’s opinions changed, I hope I was able to make some people think.

Of course, no senior farewell would be complete without a testimonial to the wonders of “this crazy class called journalism.” Whether it was Mr. Springer singing to himself in his office, or the senior girls last year taping a banana to the wall in the pub lab, journalism was consistently a source of good times. Thank you, Mr. Springer, for making us all laugh, and for making us better writers along the way. Thank you, Emanda and Tamara, our amazing chiefs, for making us actually do some work this past year (and for doing so much of it yourselves!). I will miss all of you!

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