The Best of Online Learning

Cavan Griffin, Staff Writer

Over the past year, a major portion of Woodson students have taken the online route when it comes to learning. Many share fond memories of their time in online school, and those memories should not be forgotten. While many will come to miss online school, all the memories that have been accumulating over the last year have been like no other.

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All the best memories are usually with friends, and with the ability to talk to your friends easily accessible with apps like discord, as well as breakout rooms. These apps make fun memories only a click away in most cases. 

Due to the 10 minutes students have between classes, many tend to get rather creative when it comes to their lunch. Though one of the best ways to make use of that time is definitely “barbecuing everyday for lunch and dinner” says Junior Tommy Nguyen. Making lunch and dinner is usually a problem for most students during quarantine, so going ahead and taking initiative to make your own food is one of the best ways to spend time.

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When given all the time in the world to do what you want to do, you tend to catch up on things you’ve wanted to do. One of the best things to catch up on would be “putting together a 5000+ pieces worth of puzzles,” Junior Rommel Pagkalinwan states. The puzzles were “1000 pieces of dragon, 1000 pieces of space, 1000 pieces of Niagara falls, 500 pieces of a canyon, and 500 of a bird mural.” Few people have the patience to put together that many puzzles of that size, which shows the effort people put into various activities during quarantine.

Being able to see your family during quarantine was often described as bad since most family’s got tired of each other’s presence fairly quickly. Though some families like to be together. “I was working and they would play Legos on the floor just off camera.” Said G teacher Ms. NC of her favorite quarantine memory. Being able to see your family during lunch breaks definitely helps those who are working, especially because those moments won’t be able to happen once everyone goes back to school or work.