A Look Into Ella Jackson’s Childhood: American Girl Dolls

Madelene Spar, Staff Writer

A Woodson student reflects on a common obsession that she had as a kid. American Girl Dolls. What’s interesting is how widespread this obsession was, it was very popular and many girls probably can reflect on the memories of these dolls.

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Ella Jackson, a sophomore, her obsession with American Girl Dolls as a kid. “I had Molly, Lanie, McKenna, and Mary Ellen.” This is a common obsession that a lot of girls probably had as kids. There were so many accessories that also grew very popular with the dolls. “Some of the most popular accessories I had were the clothing, a bed for them, and a snack cart.” These dolls can probably bring back a lot of memories for girls who had them growing up.

It’s interesting to look back and reflect on what was so special about these dolls and why they were such a big deal. 

Many of the dolls were all from different time periods and historical times. These dolls were popular and came with books about the characters growing up in their specific time period. In some ways, these original historical dolls taught some young girls about little parts of history. 

Photo courtesy of Ella Jackson

If they wanted a certain doll from a certain time period the doll would have clothes and accessories to go with that time frame. While these historical dolls were popular, the company had moved away from selling some of them and introduced a doll of the year who would be sold for only a year. 

These were very popular because everyone wanted them before they were gone. Out of all of Ella Jackson’s dolls, “The most popular doll I had was probably  McKenna, because she was a girl of the year.” Many girls who owned these dolls can look back and remember when the dolls and accessories were really popular. Many girls had one if not more.