Woodson Students’ Favorite Nearby Beaches

Reagan Dempster, Editor in Chief

Northern Virginia’s (NOVA) close proximity to the east coast makes beach vacations easily accessible to many families. The variety of beaches close to NOVA allows residents to take a longer vacation or even a day trip. The unique qualities of each beach makes it easy for all Woodson students to find a nearby beach that they will enjoy for a little summer relaxation. To most Woodson student’s their favorite beach is where they have the most fun experiences, and childhood memories. Here are Woodson students’ favorite beaches. 


Photo courtesy of Reagan Dempster

Outer Banks:

The Outer Banks is a collection of barrier islands along the coast of North Carolina. It is around a five hour-drive from Fairfax. The residency options in the Outer Banks are typically house rentals, as opposed to hotels. However, there is a wide variety of housing options. “My favorite beach is the Outer Banks,” said sophomore Elena Roll. “I like the Outer Banks because I have gone there my whole life, and I have so many memories in the Outer Banks.”



Photo courtesy of https://www.oceancity.com/

Ocean City:

Ocean City is a beach located in Maryland. Ocean City has a boardwalk with many shops and restaurants. The beach is around three hours away from Fairfax, so it is easy for a day trip. For longer trips, there are many hotels by the beach. “My favorite beach is Ocean City,” said sophomore Emma Falardeau. “I like Ocean City because I’ve gone there every year with my family, and I have a lot of good memories there.”




Photo courtesy of https://www.cityofrehoboth.com/


Rehoboth Beach is another nearby beach, located in Delaware. Rehoboth beach is a little less than three hours away from Fairfax, so it is suitable for a day trip. However, there are many housing and hotel options for longer trips. Rehoboth Beach also has a boardwalk with shops and restaurants, adjacent to the beach. The boardwalk is around a mile long. “My favorite beach is Rehoboth Beach,” said junior Ava Acosta. “I like Rehoboth Beach, because I like the town it is located in.”


Photo courtesy of Reagan Dempster

Myrtle Beach:

Myrtle beach is located in Myrtle, South Carolina. Myrtle beach is a longer drive with around six and a half hours from Woodson. Myrtle beach has many housing and upscale hotel options. Along with many chapter hotel and motel options. Myrtle beach has a nice boardwalk with many shops, restaurants and other tourist attractions. “My favorite beach is Myrtle Beach,” said junior Kameron Nguyen. “Myrtle beach is my favorite beach, because it brings back family memories. It brings back a lot of nostalgia, and the sand is really soft.”