The First Thing Students Will do As Soon As Covid-19 Is Gone

Jessica Lynch, Staff Writer

Photo via Shutterstock images

Nowadays it’s pretty common to hear the phrase, “because of COVID I can’t…” Yet, as more people get vaccinated, there is now a glimmer of hope for life returning to normal. 

With these past two years of COVID, student’s opportunities, experiences, and activities have been limited. With the new growth that we are currently seeing. A few students were asked the question, “what would be the first thing you would do once COVID is gone?”

Many students, like Woodson freshman Aida Berhe and Ava Hanson, shared how they wanted to travel and visit friends and their families. Others got creative, like A. J. Wang, who said they would “run around with a sign that said: FREE HUGS.” Another student, who wished to remain anonymous, commented that they were looking forward to crashing weddings. 

In addition, other common things that students are looking forward to was not having to wear a mask at social gatherings, in stores, gyms, and school. Athletes also agreed that wearing masks during sports is not preferable. 

Again, lots of Cavs seemed to be missing giving and receiving hugs. 

Jessica Lin, a freshman, shared how she looked forward to, “returning to in-person extracurricular activities such as dance and music lessons.” 

Nyela Walker, a senior, said, “I would go to a concert in Europe if COVID ended right now.” Walker’s peers also commented on the idea of returning to large public events such as a concert or sports game. 

Another repeated answer was that students can’t wait to either host or go to a themed party or mass gathering with their friends when COVID ends. 

“I look forward to going to an amusement park,” freshman Cathrine McClure shared. 

Disneyland was also a destination that many people longed for. 

Students also missed going on a vacation. Ashley Bodenhamer, a freshman, couldn’t wait to travel overseas again. She wants to have the thought of “wearing masks as a memory rather than a daily reminder.” 

“If COVID were to end right now, I would immediately go out with my friends wherever we felt like in the moment and hang out,” commented senior Kat Hester. “I would definitely love to get back into the pool as soon as possible. Mostly I am just ready to never wear a mask again.”