Woodson School Year Recap

Jackson Steiner , Staff Writer

   This school year was certainly an interesting one. Both students and faculty have experienced some things for the very first time such as taking online AP exams as well as teaching virtually and in person simultaneously. The 2020-2021 school year was a school year that the Woodson community will never forget.


The unforgettable school year kicked off with a ransomware dilemma in early September. A hacker group known as Maze infiltrated FCPS’ technology system and held private information that they acquired for ransom. This was by no means a minor situation. In fact, the FBI was called in to investigate the matter. The tension only rose as time went on as the Superintendent of FCPS said that some students and staff’s information was put onto the dark web. Since the situation, FCPS has improved their cyber security substantially and virtual learning was able to carry  on smoothly.


    Tensions were only relieved for a short time, however, for the 2020 presidential election left many Woodson students apprehensive about the future of America. This recent election was perhaps one of the most unorthodox tense elections in recent history. With America being pounded by trillions of dollars in debt, a global pandemic and racial tensions, the person elected to lead the country for the next four years would potentially determine the outcome of all these issues. The national feelings of nervousness were also clearly present among Woodson students. “I stayed up late tracking the results as the states kept rolling in.” says the Woodson Junior Andrew. For many other students the election was just another stressor during this unprecedented year. 

  Another event unique to this school year was the Woodson Drama Club’s virtual play titled War Of The Worlds: The Panic Broadcast. The play was streamed on-demand 

on Broadway from December 11-13. The members of the cast were supplied with equipment and filmed their scenes on their own. Through hard work and perseverance, the Drama Club was able to adapt to the unique virtual situation and produce a successful play. Adversity has become normal during