Woodson’s Lit Magazine Unveils Writers’ Talent

Caleb Faulkerson, Staff Writer

Although when people think of Woodson’s core extracurriculars, they mainly think of sports, drama and popular clubs, there is one such activity that has been largely forgotten: WT Woodson’s Literary Magazine club. The club has existed since Woodson’s founding back in 1962, but, according to its current sponsor Mr. Zachary Ford,  “the club has lapsed over the past few years, and COVID-19 definitely contributed to this.” Even so, the club endures and, now more than ever, Cavaliers should know what this overlooked cornerstone of the WTW community is all about.

Photo courtesy of the Woodson Lit Magazine.

In order to secure the recognition the club deserves, Mr. Ford, upon taking on sponsorship, set about adapting Woodson’s Literary Magazine to the modern age. For, in his eyes, “COVID was the final push to move the magazine to a digital format,” and it can be reasoned that doing so will expand its audience and reassert the club’s influence. However, bolstering awareness is only part of Mr. Ford’s initiative.

The second part of Mr. Ford’s initiative is to cultivate an environment in which students “aren’t bound by a teacher’s instructions in their writing.” Not only has this, in Mr. Ford’s words, “encouraged students to share personal writings and artworks with their peers,” but it also will “generate an increased interest in student writing.” It is this increase in interest that the club’s sponsor believes can pave the way for a new Creative Writing class. 

Photo courtesy of the Woodson Lit Magazine.

Even though spreading awareness about the Literary Magazine club can be effective in increasing its popularity, the future of the club is contingent upon continual interest. No one can force this interest; it has to come from within the Cavaliers of our Woodson community. The Literary Magazine, like sports, drama and the rest, is an integral part of the Woodson community, and the community will enable it to endure for days to come.

The link to the magazine is https://sites.google.com/fcpsschools.net/whslit?pli=1&authuser=1, or it can be accessed through Cav Kiosk. Log in with a student ID to access it.